Developing Products for a Circul...
Fr, 16.8.19, 18:30 – 20:00 Uhr
Developing Products for a Circular Economy
Café im Gundeli, Gempenstrasse 64, 4053 Basel

Hi sustainable entrepreneurs,

in this session, the designer Ozan Alaca from studiocolony will share his view, experience and guidelines of sustainable product design.
His presentation will build the basis for an open discussion of how we perceive to make products sustainable.

Ozan Alaca and Stéphanie Estoppey founded the Basel based design studio „studiocolony“ in 2012. They signed the Charter of Circular Economy Switzerland and describe their relationship to sustainability as follows:

"For us, sustainability is more than a buzzword. We choose the materials we use with care. We continually review our concepts and practices: What is our resource consumption? How high are production costs? Can we reduce product weight to decrease transport emissions and save costs? What alternative methods of production are there, and how can we effectively combine these methods? What is the product's life cycle?"

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