Circular Design - Do It Yourself
Di, 21.1.20, 18:00 – 21:00 Uhr
Circular Design - Do It Yourself
Impact Hub Basel Münchensteinerstrasse 274a 4053 Basel

Every product we encounter in our everyday lives was once first designed and then manufactured. To become a circular economy, the designing process is a crucial part to look at to maximize the product's lifetime, reparability, refurbishment, upgrade and finally recyclability.

Impact Hub Basel invites you to discover the world of circular design together with the companies studiocolony and rotavis, by mixing theory and practice. After learning more about the basics of circular design you will be asked to design one of the most used objects by applying circular design principles: a chair!


18:15 Welcome and introduction
18: 20 Circular economy and its principles - Laurent Maeder, Business Lab co-lead at Circular Economy Transition
18:35 Circular designing principles in practice - Stéphanie Estoppey CEO & founder and Ozan Alaca head of design & founder at studiocolony
19:00 The story of the circular chair: a business case - Daniel Baumgartner, CEO and founder at rotavis
19:15 Hands-on workshop: design of a circular chair
20:00 Apero & networking


studiocolony is a company for sustainable product design founded in 2012 in Basel. The trio designs consumer goods with focus on circular economy.

rotavis is a startup from ETH Zurich and develops and sells office chairs with a patented technology to promote active sitting.

The Swiss Design Association represents the interests of Swiss designers nationally and internationally, mediating between design, business, education and politics, and addresses emerging design professions to meet the challenges of deindustrialization and digitization in Switzerland.

As a member of the Swiss-wide Circular Economy Transition Initiative, Impact Hub Basel seeks to accelerate the transition to the circular economy at local and national levels. The program is aimed at interested individuals, startups as well as larger companies.

Please note that by registering and participating in this event, you agree to the recording of your appearance and/or your voice, which Verein Impact Hub Basel can publish in photos, videos and accompanying sound recordings via online and offline media and for marketing purposes.

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