Di, 31.10.23, 17:30 – 20:00 Uhr
Saal der Freien Gemeinschaftsbank, Meret Oppenheim-Strasse 10, 4053 Basel

"Decolonizing Our Bodyminds" is a transformative experience and workshop featuring performance poetry, movement sessions, and generative dialogue. Through this experiential format, we invite for an embodied experience on what decolonizing from various systems of oppression could entail.

In the embodiment session, we create a space where all bodies and movements are acknowledged and celebrated. Through grounding exercises and inter-relating with diverse bodies, we will reconnect with our own dignity, pride and agency and shift the fear, shame, guilt, apathy and anger stored by oppressive systems within us. From contraction to expansion, we will sweat out some remnants of colonization and build resilience against its further influence, and bring forth the imagination for emergent regenerative futures.

Through generative dialogue, sharing our experiences and insights, we hope to uncover new wisdoms and ways of being. Come as you are, this workshop is a powerful opportunity to discover embodied imaginations that lie within you.

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